Friday, 18 May 2012

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?


Last day at work today. I've got to go back in on Monday to fill out various forms and then I will officially be unemployed. It's quite an ominous but also liberating feeling. I've wanted to get out for so long ( and actually applied for redundancy a year ago but was turned down ) and now it's finally happened.

It's been 20 years almost to the month since I was last made redundant. Last time around was a lot worse: I was at home sick with a bad back when I was laid off, so I didn't have a job and was unable to get a job. ( Nowadays you'd probably sue for something like that... ) And I was only 3 months away from my wedding - not good. This time hopefully won't be so disastrous but it's still a strange feeling, knowing I don't have a job to go to next week. I've got an interview on Monday, so... fingers crossed :-)


Colin Smith said...

Fingers crossed indeed. I hope all well for you, good sir.

Steve W. said...

Good luck at the interview.

Just remember to keep a motorcycle helmet on all the way through the interview, with the visor down. It always impresses potential employers whenever I do it. :)

Kid said...

Take charge at the interview. When it ends, say "Now, do you have any questions you'd like to ask me?" - through the helmet's visor of course.

Tom Wiggins said...

It sounds as if you had poised yourself for redundancy, and at least you're in a better position than when the same thing happened last time. Best of luck in Monday's interview.

cerebus660 said...

Thanks for the kind words guys!

I'm off out tonight to celebrate/commiserate by jumping up and down to loud Punk Rock, provided by those crusty old UK Subs guys. Some alcohol may be consumed...


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