Tuesday 22 May 2012

UK Subs / Demob

Last Saturday I went down to Bristol to see the seemingly-immortal UK Subs and local legends Demob tear the roof off the Fleece, and to celebrate/commiserate my impending redundancy. I went with two of those Chinese Burn boys, Ben and Glenn ( not Ben and Jerry... ) and Glenn's lovely girlfriend, Sam... and we were all ready for a bit of Punk Rock action.

A good time was had by all ( even though my ears have only just recovered, 3 days later ) and an appropriate amount of alcohol ( hic! ) was consumed. You can read a full review here in my first piece for Jon ( Goldblade ) Robb's wonderful website, Louder Than War. I'm over the moon ( as they say) to be contributing to such a cool site and hope to write some more reviews in the very near future. A big shout out to Guy Manchester for getting me on board the good ship LTW.
Cheers, mate!

And here are a few photos from the gig, starting with Charlie, Alvin, Jet and Jamie - the UK Subs...

And Gloucester Street Punk heroes Demob in full effect...

Great gig, great company, good times...

Update ( 23/05 ) Since this review was posted on LTW it's been re-posted and spread all over t'internet like some kind of Punk rash :-)
Especially pleased to see it crop up on the F/Book pages of the Subs, Demob and the mighty John Robb himself, who said "Thanks for writing it and please send more stuff!"
Just try and stop me ;-)

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