Friday, 5 June 2009

David Carradine

Very sad to hear about the death of David Carradine, star of Kung Fu, Death Race 2000 and Kill Bill. Even more sad to hear the lurid speculation in the media about the manner of his death. I'm sure his family and friends don't need that at this time. Anyway, here's a pic of Carradine from Kill Bill, when Quentin Tarantino had temporarily rescued him from DTV Hell and given him one of the meatiest roles of his career as the ice-cold killer Bill.

RIP David Carradine ( 1936 - 2009 ).


Anonymous said...

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cerebus660 said...

Hi Angel, thanks for the comment! My home PC is being fixed at the moment ( it's been "ill" for some time ) so expect more regular posts soon.


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