Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Planet California

It's a familiar theme from many science fiction novels and movies: a race of primitives living amongst the misunderstood technology of a previous, more advanced society. But what if it was true? What if great advances in science had been made but then thrown away, leaving us in ignorance? Glancing through the small ads in some 1970's SF mags I came to realise that a Golden Age of knowledge had been forgotten:

From The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction Sept. 1973:
Antigravity Device. Brochure rushed free. AGD, Box 3062, Bartesville, Oaklahoma.
Now, Artificial Life from our Lab into your very hands! WACKYSACK will absolutely blow your mind. Recently patented, totally new scientific principle. A handful of dilitant fluid hermetically sealed in an elastomeric membrane, it feels and acts alive. It slithers, creeps, oozes, writhes and shrinks like a giant amoeba. $2 ppd to: Rosenberg, Psychorheology Lab, 23 N. Chelsea Ave. Atlantic City.

From Galaxy Science Fiction Dec. 1976:
Earthpersons of courage and unusual talents, learn who you are, who you were, your special companions. Friendly universal travel association welcomes your enquiry. Send 9 x 12 envelopes to: EOS, 1254 Seventh Ave. San Francisco, California.
For answers from higher beings on other planets to 3 questions send $6 to Suan Dwyer, c/o Burghorn, 7114 Hawthorn, Los Angeles, California.

The above are all genuine ads from old SF mags. But where are these intellectual Titans now? What ever happened to Rosenberg, Dwyer and Burghorn? I think we should be told. And where the Hell's my antigravity device???!!!


Saranga said...

I consider it a huge tragedy that antigravity devices dont exist.

pete doree said...

Br grateful they don't. Morons with mobile phones? Can you imagine?

cerebus660 said...

You can just imagine some of the scenarios can't you?
"Sorry, can't make it into work today. My AGD went off in me pocket outside the Co-Op and I'm now floating over the Czech Republic. Hope to be in tomorrow, depending on prevailing winds..."


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