Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The good ship Serenity

I've been watching my DVD boxset of the much-missed Firefly (sob!) lately, and realising all over again what a brilliant show it was. So, after posting a pic of the sleek new Enterprise in my last blog, here's a totally different kind of spaceship: a bit old, a bit ricketty, held together by chewing-gum and string, and available for various dirty jobs if the price is right - I give you Captain Mal Reynolds' pride and joy - Serenity.


The Igloo Keeper... said...

It's a bleeping tragedy that this got dumped after its only Season. All the characters and the universe they inhabited seemed to just land fully formed from the first episode. The extras when they found out it was the end of the show was were pretty moving. A shame. A damn shame!

cerebus660 said...

Couldn't agree more, Mr. Keeper. I watched a couple more episodes last night ( War Stories and Trash, fact fans! ) and was blown away all over again by the acting, scripts, atmosphere ( except when they're in space ha ha ), effects, everything.


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