Tuesday, 7 September 2010

This made me chuckle.....

According to Digital Spy, grumpy old actor Trevor Eve has been moaning about the BBC and singling out Doctor Who in particular. Apparently the Beeb are neglecting other dramas in favour of all things Gallifreyan:

"All they are interested in are spinoffs from Doctor Who and
( shows similar to ) Doctor Who, like Sherlock."

"It's fine as far as it goes, but Doctor Who is a forty-year old children's programme." ( 47 actually. )

Mr. Eve is currently starring in ITV's A Bouquet Of Barbed Wire, a remake of a 34-year old TV potboiler. ( Please imagine this last sentence spoken with just a hint of sarcasm..... )


Mark Barnes said...

It always annoys me when people refer to Doctor Who as a childrens program. Stephen Fry also made this mistake recently. Doctor Who is not for children, it's family entertainment - suitable for all ages.
God it makes me cross. I'll be appearing on Grump Old Men next.

Edward said...

Mr Eve made his name in a detective series. There aren't enough of those are there?

cerebus660 said...

I think Mr. Eve was complaining that Doctor Who eats up too much BBC money, so everything else has to be done on a Shoestring :-)

You're dead right: Doctor Who is uniquely placed as a show all the family can watch. I suspect Trevor Eve hasn't watched it since the 80's. Or maybe he was turned down for the role of Third Cyberman From The Left and has harboured a grudge ever since.....

BTW Did you enjoy Chinese Burn at the Cafe Renee the other night? I heard you were there. I saw 'em at the Vic in Stroud on Saturday - a cracking gig!


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