Monday, 5 April 2010

Frankenstone the crows!

Hi to new Follower, Gisa, from the blog Prosie Giessie - all the way from Indonesia! I'm afraid I don't speak the language ( I have enough trouble with English! ) and Blogger's Translate button only makes things worse, but it seems our Gisa is a tattoo-lovin' punk bass-player in a band called The Frankenstone. And that could just be the coolest thing in the world!


Prosie Giessie said...

Yaaaiiiii... thx a lot!Though I'm not that cool, hahahaa...
My English is messed up,, I'm still learning and haven't been fluent yet. After reading this, I try the Google translate button for the tattoo article, and it goes really funny.
Big hug from Indonesia ^_^

cerebus660 said...

Hi Gisa, good to hear from you!


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