Sunday, 22 February 2009

Captain Britain in Middle Earth?

Over at Pete Doree's fantastic Bronze Age Of Blogs there's been a discussion about how poor the original Captain Britain strip really was, regardless of nostalgia, rose-tinted glasses etc. It did make me think about Cap's appearances in the Black Knight strip in Dez Skinn's Hulk Comic. This was a great, atmospheric strip with an Arthurian slant and some wonderful artwork from John Stokes. I'll always remember the moody depiction of a solitary, amnesiac character, wandering the coast of Cornwall, only to be identified by The Black Knight as the long-lost Captain Britain.
Here is the cover to issue 20, pencilled I think by Paul Neary. Cap here seems to be facing down some strange, negative versions of Tolkien's Nazgul  -  and not a Hobbit in sight!

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Steve Does Comics said...

I did feel at the time that the Captain-Britain-meets-Tolkien strip was the only good thing about Dez Skinn's "revamping" of Marvel UK's weekly comics. Frankly I'm still traumatised by the loss of the glossy covers, and being forced to read Godzilla every week.


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