Saturday, 21 February 2009

Come in, have a cup of tea. Biscuit?

I'd like to welcome two new Followers: Pete Doree at The Bronze Age Of Blogs, who has been sharing a great collection of '70s and '8os comics with us...

And Saranga at Pai ( love those names! ) who I've been Following for some time but haven't commented on yet: I'll have to do something about that, her blog is very interesting for its mix of comic reviews and women's issues.

Soundtrack: Into The Valley by The Skids.


Saranga said...

Hello and thank you for the welcome and the kind words :-)
Don't know if you're aware or not, (forgive me if you are), Pai is a character from a manga - 3 x 3 eyes, so I can't lay claim to coming up with it myself! It's not a bad manga, some of it is on dodgy territory, but it's an ok read with interesting ideas and probably worth checking out if you like manga.

cerebus660 said...

Thanks for the info, Saranga. I have to admit I'm woefully ignorant about manga and anime. Any recommendations would be welcomed!

Saranga said...

I don't know a lot, the boyfriend is much more into it than I am, but Azumanga Daoih is one of my favourites - it's just real good fun! Set in a school, lots of good humour and some great characters. The manga is better than the anime.
If you want an anime, try voices of a distant star. It's heartbreaking and full of tragedy, but very very good. I'm not sure how easy is to get over here though.


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