Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Lauren Bacall

At the risk of turning this blog into some kind of Obituary Of The Day, I just have to note the passing of the great Lauren Bacall yesterday at the age of 89. Bacall was one of the last surviving screen icons of the Golden Age of Hollywood. From her movie debut at the age of 19 in Howard Hawks' To Have And Have Not ( with future husband Humphrey Bogart ) Bacall created a sexy, sassy, subtle style with her trademark sultry look and distinctive smoky voice. Here she is below with Bogey in one of her greatest roles in The Big Sleep:
Hopefully, if there is such a thing as a heaven, this classy lady is now reunited with Bogart and is knocking back a few whiskys in celebration of her life...

Lauren Bacall: 16th September 1924 / 12th August 2014

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