Thursday, 28 August 2014

Jack Kirby

As many of you fine folk out there in the Blogosphere probably already know, today would have been the late, great Jack Kirby's 97th birthday. You also don't need me to tell you that Kirby was a prodigious talent with an unrivaled imagination who truly deserved the name "King Of Comics".
Today is also the 200th anniversary of J.S. Le Fanu's birth in 19th century Dublin. Le Fanu was one of the most important writers of supernatural fiction, creating such moody masterpieces as Carmilla, Schalken The Painter and Madam Crowl's Ghost.
In honour of these two very talented and very different creators I'm going to share with you, Dear Reader, some of the King's rare excursions into the mysterious and mystical...
( There's a lot of angry / screaming faces in this post, aren't there? )
Oh, and Mangog doesn't really fit here, does he? I just like that image  -  one of my fave Kirby monsters...

Soundtrack: Grace by Jeff Buckley


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

That page form the Demon by Kirby "The thing that screamed" scared the bejebus outta me as a kid I remember my mum seeing it (who was ok with me reading US comics and liked them herself) and saying "that's a step to far" then adding " I'm surprised at you (me) reading such rubbish, but more surprised at Kirby drawing rubbish like that" I think that was kinda cool (I think) - anyway nice seeing it again brought back a good memory of my wee mum.

cerebus660 said...

Hi Paul! Thanks for commenting.

The fact that your mum knew about Kirby is very cool indeed :-)
It's always surprising to me how such a simple thing as an image or a sound or a smell can recall such strong memories.


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