Friday 31 December 2010

Something SFXy This Way Comes

I've had a small snippet of my Something Wicked This Way Comes review printed in this month's SFX magazine. You can read the full review ( written in a fake Bradbury-esque style ) here, as well as my reviews of Lucius Shepard's Life During Wartime and Roger Zelazny's Lord Of Light.

For anyone who's got this issue, be aware that only that one sentence is mine: the two paragraphs immediately below with the "cerebus660" credit were written by somebody else, who's probably feeling a bit pissed-off at the moment :-(


M. D. Jackson said...

Well that's cool in a typographically errouneous kind of way. I once had a painting of mine printed in a magazine which will remain nameless (Art Scene International), but my picture was attributed to someone else and his picture was attributed to me!

At least they were both on the same page.

Simon B ( formerly cerebus660 ) said...

Even so, it must have been pretty annoying...


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