Saturday, 11 December 2010

M.D.J is OK!

Hi to new Follower, M.D. Jackson, fellow blogger and fine fantasy artist. He's behind the excellent header art at Calvin's Canadian Cave Of Cool - what a stunning piece of work!

Check out M.D.'s artwork at his blog, Skylarking. And tell him cerebus660 sent you!


M. D. Jackson said...

Many thank you's for your kind words and the linkback. Cheers!

cerebus660 said...

No problem! I'm looking forward to exploring your blogs and your artwork.

Kal said...

M.D.'s stuff is terrific. If you have seen any of his other work you will agree that I found me a winner when I commissioned this piece. We are friends so he put that little extra that make it terrific.I couldn't be prouder to have a piece of my own.

cerebus660 said...

You're a lucky man, Cal. As you say, M.D.'s stuff is terrific indeed.


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