Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Randomiser IX

Let's get rrrrready to rrrrrandomise!!

Soundtrack: Temptation, Blue Monday by New Order
Werewolves Of London, I Was In The House When The House Burned Down by Warren Zevon


DEZMOND said...

he he love the pooping cat :)
And did you know that Sharapova is in a relationship with a Serbian basketball player over in USA? A gorgeous couple.

cerebus660 said...

Sharapova's in a relationship with a pooping cat?

...sorry, must have read that comment too fast ;-)

Mickey Glitter said...

I don't know what image I love the best. I think it might be The Who, but then the picture of your son caught my eye because the yellow straw/cutlery holder on the right side of the picture screamed I'M A DALEK until I realized it was not that, but something else entirely.

Also, I've been meaning to ask: what is the header image you are using? Where is that from?

cerebus660 said...

Hi Mickey! That drawing's by American comic book artist Paul Gulacy, who has worked for all the major comics publishers since the early '70s but is best known for Marvel's Shang Chi, Master Of Kung Fu. The two characters are Marvel's top superspy, Nick Fury, Agent Of SHIELD, and the beautiful but deadly Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black widow...

( This is obviously the pre-Iron Man II version of these characters, hence they look nothing like Sam Jackson or Scarlett Johannson )

Anonymous said...

>>That drawing's by American comic book artist Paul Gulacy

...and looking very "inspired" by Robert McGinnis, IMO.

B Smith

cerebus660 said...

...and with a dash of Steranko, of course.

Thanks for commenting, B.


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