Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy St. George's Day!

I hope everyone is having a good day of drinking and dragon-slaying, in honour of England's patron saint.
You know..... the one who was an exotic traveller from far-off lands, who fought monsters and became our adopted greatest hero.

Or was that this bloke?

BTW I've watched the first episode of the new Who series, The Impossible Astronaut, and my usual half-baked review will follow. But maybe not right away. I can hear the beat of mighty, leathery wings outside and feel the heat from fiery breath. Or is that the curry I had for tea?


DEZMOND said...

as a dragonmaster I do not allow dragon slaying!

Love the pic by the way!

cerebus660 said...

I don't think I'd really stand much of a chance against the average dragon :-)

And thanks for commenting, Dez. I know this post was very Anglocentric, if that's a real word...

DEZMOND said...

why Anglocentric? We have St. George too, we call him Sveti Djordje :) We even have a film called ST.GEORGE SLAYS THE DRAGON but it's WW1 related, I think you would like it.


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