Sunday, 29 November 2009

William Blake's Great Red Dragon

Yesterday, November the 28th, was the birthday of the visionary artist and poet, William Blake.
Here are two of a series of watercolours Blake produced to illustrate the Bible, in this case specifically the Book Of Revelations. Just to confuse matters the painting above is titled The Great Red Dragon And The Woman Clothed In Sun, while the one below is called The Great Red Dragon And The Woman Clothed With The Sun ( italics mine ).
The paintings are referenced in Thomas Harris' novel Red Dragon and its two film adaptations, the wonderful Manhunter and the totally superfluous remake Red Dragon.


wiec? said...

ah well happy birthday to him!

and you're right Manhunter was so much more superior than Red Dragon.

cerebus660 said...

Red Dragon was a lot more faithful to the original novel ( Thomas Harris' best, in my opinion )and had a great cast, but it didn't have Michael Mann - which makes all the difference.


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