Sunday, 25 October 2009

Gene Colan's Dracula

As Halloween is nearly upon us I thought I'd give the John Buscema Avengers banner a rest for a while and go with some lovely Gene Colan Dracula art. And as a bonus here's another pic of Drac, giving it the full Lord Of Vampires treatment.

Despite all the great actors to have portrayed Vlad the lad over the years - Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Jack Palance, Gary Oldman, Louis Jordan, er, George Hamilton - when I think of Dracula I automatically think of the Marv Wolfman / Gene Colan / Tom Palmer version from Marvel's Tomb Of Dracula. For my money it was the deepest, most complex examination of the character since Bram Stoker, a major achievement for a humble comic book. I just might have to post more on the subject later.....


MANDRA said...

Brilliant Blog. Greetings from Draculand: The Dracula´s Blog!

I want this Comic of Gene Colan´s Dracula!! ;)

cerebus660 said...

Hola! Mandra, thanks for the kind words, glad to hear from you.

Matthew K. said...

Like you, I've dug ToD since I was about 12. You expressed my thoughts about it perfectly. The entire cast of characters was as well developed as most traditional novels. Look forward to more posts.


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