Monday, 6 July 2009

60's Flashback, yeah baby!

Showcase Presents: Teen Titans Volume 2.
Bought this yesterday for £3.99 in the local Homesense, of all places. Bargain! As they say on the cover, "Over 500 pages of comics." Great artwork by Nick Cardy, Neal Adams, Gil Kane, Jim Aparo and more. Groovy 60's dialogue and mad/mod stories by Bob Haney and Steve Skeates. And cover artwork of Robin getting punched out by a righteously angry Aqualad. What more could a Silver/Bronze Age fan want?
"Don't sweat it, chick! I'm in my own groove at last! Doing my thing!"
They don't write dialogue like that any more!

Soundtrack: Juanita - Kiteless - To Dream Of Love by Underworld.

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pete doree said...

Absolutely. Showcases don't get any better than this one. As you say: Haney, Kane, Wood, Adams, Cardy. Indispensable!


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