Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I'm still alive!

Still sitting here in blog-limbo ( although a blog-limo might be better ) so posts are necessarily short and possibly sweet. You decide.
Over at the spoiler-tastic ( but wonderful ) Planet Gallifrey there are some new pics of the latest Doctor Who filming, including shots of a certain Ms. Noble. Lots of squeeing and general OMGness in the comments section. Even though it will be great to see Donna again, I'm hoping that the Doctor will not meet her face to face ( as seems to be indicated by the overheard dialogue ) as this will again undermine an emotional parting of the ways from a previous season - as with the Bad Wolf Bay ending. Donna's story seemed to have a definite conclusion and hopefully RTD won't compromise that for a ratings boosting reunion.
Anyway, before that we've got The Planet Of The Dead to explore, only a few days to go...

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