Sunday 14 December 2008

Dandy Wolves.

Just got back from The Dandy Warhol's gig at Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall. I went with Glenn, who drove (cheers mate!) 'cos my car is still in the garage feeling poorly. It took us a while to find the venue and the band were already on stage when we got there - doors open at 6:00! - but I don't think we missed much. A great gig. The Dandy's are one of those bands who are so much better live than they are on record. A big, warm, sexy sound and a too cool for school image, a bit arty at times but no worse for that. They played the big hits - Bohemian Like You, Every Day Should Be A Holiday, Get Off, Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth - and other great songs like Godless and Horse Pills. No encore, unfortunately. After being serenaded in the cloakroom queue by some bloke singing Joy Division's Transmission, we left the venue at the ridiculously early time of 9:45 (!) and went to a nearby pub for lager and whiskey and old skool indie music - can't be bad. Nice to see Glenn, we don't get together enough. This gig was my birthday present to myself, as it's now the morning of the 14th of December and I have reached the age of the meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything, 42. Time to change my profile...
Soundtrack: Little Drummer Boy, Dandy Warhols. ( Played tonight because it's Christmas. Don't watch the video on YouTube, it's seriously scary. You have been warned.)

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