Sunday, 2 September 2012

Jenna-Louise Coleman

( Spoiler alert! Please look away now if you haven't watched Asylum Of The Daleks yet... )

Steven Moffat managed to yet again pull the metaphorical rug out from beneath the feet of Doctor Who fans by including new star Jenna-Louise Coleman in the first episode of the new series... three months before we expected to see her. And, in the words of Stevie Wonder, isn't she lovely?

Jenna looks stunning in her little red dress ( bit of a '60s Star Trek vibe here ) and gives a flirty, sweetly cocky performance as computer-hacker-with-a-twist Oswin. It remains to be seen how her character will reappear at Christmas, if indeed she can play the same character after this episode's tragic twist. And... is she really going to be called Oswin? I mean... Oswin?? Various spoiler sites are claiming the character's name will be Clara, with "Oswin" apparently being the surname. Let's hope so...

I'll hopefully have a review of Asylum... on here very soon, but I may have to re-watch it first to get my head round the various twists and turns :-)


Kal said...

Spoilers be damned I had to know. Now I must see what all this hub bub is about.

Kid said...

Looks lovely. Somehow I don't think I'll miss Amy too much. (Talk about fickle, huh?)

Tomas said...

I've never watched Doctor Who, but this girl in the red dress may convince me to tune in.

Anonymous said...

Damn. She is the new companion? Not crazy about her perky smirky schtick, though I did get teary over her personal tragedy in this episode.

cerebus660 said...

The casting guy for New Who, Andy Pryor, has a pretty good record for casting the right people, so I've got high hopes for JLC.

( The only problem with using those initials is it makes me think of bearded "comedian" and professional Bristollian, Justin Lee Collins... which isn't a good thing... )


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