Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!


M. D. Jackson said...

Jack Vetriano, Gustav Klimpt and Doctor Who - all my favourites! Beats chocolates and flowers. Cheers, mate!

DEZMOND said...

lovely pics, my friend! Hope you're getting some luvin' from your wife tonight :)

cerebus660 said...

No problem! I did realise after posting this that I'd already used half of those pics before... but they're still good ones :-)

When I politely request some lovin' tonight ( after filling out the request form in triplicate and paying the usual fee )I'll say "Go on... Dezzy said I could..."
I'm sure that'll work :-)

La Mode Operandi said...

Woa, i want long flowing valentines hair like the last photo!

cerebus660 said...

Hi La Mode! Thanks for commenting. It's a beautiful look, isn't it?
...but it could take a bit of work:-)


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