Saturday, 26 March 2011

"Do you want to see the coolest thing ever?"

...were my very words to James a few minutes ago, when I came across the above image by the great Dan McDaid. What's it got? It's got the lot! My favourite super-team of all time, Marvel's greatest supervillain and my all-time favourite fictional hero, The Doctor. And not forgetting Amy, of course... ( How could I? )

Also: Kirby Krackle, a distinct Bruce Timm influence and a nostalgic echo of such classic superhero battles as this one, all wrapped up in Mr. McDaid's wonderful style...
Great stuff!

Soundtrack: Like A Hurricane by Neil Young


Richard Bensam said...

If someone merely described this to me, I wouldn't think it could work...but it really does. Especially with the Cosmic Cube. Unless that's a reassembled Key to Time? Wait, I get it, both are there!

Still, I'd like to see artists remember to include Rory.

Kal said...

That piece is awesome. I must repost on the 'Cave of Cool'.

cerebus660 said...

Even though I can't really see the 11th Doctor as such an all-action hero, it is a wonderful piece of artwork. I'm glad you mentioned the Key To Time! Well spotted! I only thought of the Cosmic Cube when I saw the pic...

Thanks for the mention at the Cool Cave!

Momo said...

That Doctor gets around across the face of comic books huh?

He got on one here too!

Have you seen the new trailers on Youtube for the upcoming series?
I'm waiting patiently for someone to post them on the net


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