Monday, 7 February 2011

First Captain America trailer

"How do you feel?"

Cap! The Red Skull! Bucky Barnes! The Howling Commandos! The shield!

"What do you think?"
"I think it works... "


Matthew K. said...

Wha?? No comments on Cap? Production values look slick. The cast is outstanding (Evans, Weaving, Stanley Tucci, et al).

Can Joe Johnston redeem himself after "The Wolfman"?

I think one of the keys is Weaving. The Skull HAS to be portrayed as the most vile, ruthless villain ever.

What do YOU think, Simon?

cerebus660 said...

Hi Matthew! I didn't put any real comments on this post because I wrote it in a rush, literally 2 minutes before I went to work :-)

I'm definitely looking forward to Captain America but, as with the Thor movie, the potential for it to be campy is worryingly high. However, as you say, the film has a top quality cast and the clips and photos released so far look cool. I'm not too familiar with Joe Johnston's work but I thought he did a great job on The Rocketeer, so he's got experience with a period-set action movie.

And you're right about the Red Skull: he has to be badass enough to scare HITLER - which is a big deal !


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