Sunday, 29 August 2010

London locations 1

Here are a few photos from our recent adventure in London, aka Peasants In The Big City. First here's Sarah with her new best friend, Paddington Bear, at the train station they named after him. ( I think that's right..... )

Paddington Station's gorgeous Victorian architecture, courtesy of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, with some modern intrusions.

The most famous clock tower in the world?
"Yet stands the church clock at ten to three
And is there honey still for tea?"

A view of the Palace Of Westminster ( otherwise known as the Houses Of Parliament ) from the top of the London Eye. The iconic towers of the former Battersea power station are also visible in the distance. But no flying pigs.

The County Hall building, again taken from the London Eye. This is a beautiful building that's best seen from this viewpoint. As well as the ticket office for the Eye, it also houses the Sea Life centre and the Zen Cafe, which isn't as metaphysical as it sounds.....

Portcullis House, a modern office block next to Westminster Bridge, housing a bunch of overpaid, ineffectual parasites, or Members of Parliament as they're known to the public. ( Cynical, moi? )
Still, it's a cool building.

That last pic's for Mickey Glitter :-)

( More London pics to follow, you lucky people. )


Mickey Glitter said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! I love the one of Porticullis House, natch. I have yet to get a ticket and hands my money over for a go on the London Eye. How much was the ticket?

Can't wait for more pictures!!

I also can't wait to go back, maybe by way of Rome one day.

cerebus660 said...

The London Eye was good fun, all right - I've got more photos to post here at some point. Definitely one of the highlights of our holiday.

Tickets are around £17-19, or more if you want a fast track ticket - but the queues are so well-organised and fast-moving that a standard ticket is fine really.

DEZMOND said...

Oh, how I wish I'd visit London or ENgland some time!!!
Seems like you had some jolly good times ;)

cerebus660 said...

Hi Dezmond! Yeah, we had a great time - more photos to follow.


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