Friday, 14 November 2008

Children In Need 2008. Inbetween the dancing newsreaders, atrocious soap "actors" and Terry "I'll never retire" Wogan, we were treated to two minutes of the Doctor Who Christmas special for this year. Picture-postcard Victorian England, street urchins and carol singers, the Doctor, the "Next" Doctor, Rosita, a cybershade, allons-y that's yer lot. It all looks interesting alright: who is this 2nd Doctor? A fake, a future self? Bit of a pantomime vibe going on, but that's Christmas viewing for you. Hopefully the Cybermen will bring the chills to go with the fake snow.
Endblog 5.
Soundtrack: The Real Roxanne, Public Enemy, Run DMC. Old skool!
"Hoo-way, the wabbit kicked the bucket!"

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